Mall Space

Mall Space

Mall Space offers your brand the opportunity to have a presence in our shopping centres throughout Australia, via Casual Mall Leasing, Brand Activation and Vicinity Media. With strong and consistent foot traffic, our various Mall Space options offer financially viable methods to introduce products or services to “purchase-ready” consumers. We can tailor a package that works specifically for your needs.

Casual Mall Leasing

Brand Activation

Vicinity Media

Vicinity Media is one of the most powerful consumer advertising mediums available to advertisers. It provides brands with the opportunity to influence shoppers purchase decisions within proven retail environments and at the point of purchase. High impact large format products including dynamic state of the art digital supersites, premium lightboxes, atrium banners and a variety of tactical decals, allow advertisers to deliver powerful messages to drive sales and increase brand awareness. Vicinity’s large and diverse portfolio offers significant reach and frequency opportunities for advertisers. For more focused campaigns, Roy Morgan Single Source and Helix Personas can be utilised to target defined audiences to increase campaign ROI.  

Benefits of Vicinity Media 

  • Expose brands to up to 35 million shoppers per month in proven high quality retail environments
  • 8,600+ local, national and international retailers
  • Engage and connect with active shoppers at the most relevant moments in the shopper journey 
  • Ability to connect with customers to build brand engagement, drive leads and sales in both retail and non-retail categories




Digital Supersite Network

Digital Supersite Network

  • Positioned at the heart of centres to deliver maximum reach and leverage audience dwell time, the Digital Supersite Network is designed to enable brands to deliver a cinematic experience

  • Currently 95 screens nationally across 26 centres with a rapid network expansion planned for 2018

  • Big, bright and bold displays with directional audio and supported by supplementary screens to deliver reach and frequency across every key shopper journey

Banner Network

Banner Network

  • High impact broadcast formats; premium light boxes and atrium banners capture shoppers and dominate precincts

  • Lightboxes are strategically positioned for maximum impact, with backlit high quality canvas that allows for sharp and detailed imagery

  • Positioned in multiple key traffic areas, atrium banners are elevated and double sided to maximise impact and frequency

Other Advertising options

Other Advertising options

  • Tactical formats such as door and floor decals can be strategically positioned throughout centres to interrupt shoppers at the most valuable moments

  • Activation and sampling opportunities build brand experience, encourage trial and can influence purchase decisions via one on one conversations and emotive connections


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